Monday, May 14, 2012

What Not to Get at Trader Joe's

I know. It's lunchtime, and you have your "hunger goggles" on. Everything looks good at the Trader Joe's, and it's all oh-so-affordable. And then you see it--package upon package of plastic-wrapped sushi rolls--salmon, California, vegetable. Your stomach says, "Yes! God, Yes! Please! Now! Shove that in your maw! RAWWWWWR!"

Don't do it. Grab one of those salads underneath or maybe try that bi bim bap in the frozen section. Or go back to the sample counter, but this time use a funny accent (Cajun?) so they'll know that this isn't your fourth time eating one of those turkey meatballs.

Please listen to one who has paid the price MULTIPLE times, because I either forgive or just plain forget how absolutely terrible Trader Joe's sushi is.

I can't put my finger on what's the worst component. Is it the cold gummy rice or the mushy insides that might have once been food? All I know that is that seconds after I put the first piece in my mouth, I feel how wrong it is.

Just don't. YOU DESERVE BETTER. You are allowed to eat real food on your lunch. You have a whole afternoon to look forward to. Don't fill it with regrets. I might walk that broken path of lunch dreams gone wrong, but you don't have to.

Live. Live to the fullest. Choose something else.