Saturday, May 12, 2012

Origin Story

Here are a few more "back-images" of Monster and Bunny

This could be called an "origin story."

A lot of the early Monster drawings were all titled "Because I am a Monster." This was mostly because Monster saw himself as something scary and unwanted. He's a big green monster--he's had to deal with a lot of prejudice, and it's been hard to make friends. So he would blame everything on being a monster--People won't talk to me because I am a monster. I am treated poorly because I am a monster.

And just like anyone else, he gets lonely.

And then Bunny comes in. This is how they met.

My friend Anne asked one day if she could be in one of the "drarrings". It seemed like a fun challenge.

Monster's favorite face is to scowl--he's used to trying to keep people away from him--but even he couldn't help looking happy here.

Last year's Lunar New Year celebration -- the Year of the Rabbit. :D