Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Whole New World

Two big changes have hit Monster Barrel, the wonderful land of grumpy monsters, happy bunnies, and frustrated stick people.

1- I got a new laptop that has MS Paint 2010. To say that Paint 2010 is different from Paint XP is to say that...I don't know where I'm going with that. IT'S DIFFERENT. Probably better, although I'm just trying out the different pieces. Drawing with the wireless mouse isn't smooth yet, but maybe with more practice....

2- I'm out of work! That's right--due to sudden lay-offs and downsizing, MB finally meets the recession head on. (Because it was looking like that 47% had too few grumpy monsters in it. NOT ANY MORE!)

Does this mean more comics? Probably. Does this mean more references to hotty actor James McAvoy? Probably not since James-the-hole finally closed up in July after two long months and 23 doctor visits (!) (Thank god I was employed then and had health care!!) Any future appearances of McAvoy will be...just because I find him very attractive. Maybe I can work something in with him and Love Love Octopus, since that character basically embodies all that is love, romance, and inappropriate obsessive behavior.

So, it's a brand new day for Monster Barrel--one filled with possibilities like "What will I have for lunch?" and "When shall I take a nap?" and "What section can I put 'squinting" under in my resume?"

Plus lots of job searching, since Monster wants to keep Bunny happy, and that means a steady stream of hugs, tummy rubs, and carrots.

What job would best be enhanced by non-stop glaring? I'm thinking the Department of Licensing or the TSA.