Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At the Movies with Monster Barrel

I love movies, and I love going to the movies. So, there will probably be a lot of movie comics showing up here...below are a few of "classic" MB that I'm migrating over. (Classic = "older" as opposed to "should be touched up and rereleased as part of the Criterion Collection.")

Drive wasn't terrible-terrible, but it's very over-deliberate, and not very good. The credits also used this throwback pink curly font that made me think of 80's movies like...Mannequin.

The women who walked out of the theater behind me were hilarious. "I hated it!" one ranted to the other. "Only a dumbass would like that movie!" On the flip-side, I haven't met a man who has seen this movie and didn't like it, so to each one's own.

Probably the most fun I had with this comic was trying to draw the terrible Valhalla Rising in three tiny pictures. If I did this again, I would try to work in the awful color filters in more.

True story. Us too cool for school got a bunch of booze and Twilight Eclipse and planned to have a fun movie night in. Lo-and-behold, this movie is awful but boring-awful. Thus not at all fun to watch.

After a while, I stopped drinking, lay on the floor, and just waiting for it to end. The only scene that was really amusing was when Jacob had to warm Bella with his super-high body heat while Edward looked on sourly.

War Horse was fine, but I didn't have a religious experience like my friends who have seen the play. It is oddly bloodless for a war movie, which made me think even more that this was a film that would be slapped into the school DVD player on those awkward afternoons right before a long holiday when no one wants to do anything.

Super 8 was pretty rad. A little heavy on the homage, but still a fun ride.

And finally...

I volunteered for three years at a local volunteer-run cinema. It was a fun gig. My favorite part was serving the movie patrons, since most people going to the movies are in a good mood, especially those going to a volunteer-run theater.

And one skill I took away was that to make really tasty popcorn in an old popcorn machine, you use A LOT of oil, in this case canola. I was taught to use a quarter to a third of a cup, but I usually used a half to 2/3, and you can really tell the difference. Your heart might not be thanking you, but trust me, it tastes way way better.